Personal Journey & Inspiration

Healing often starts when personal pain reaches maximum tolerance and professional help is sought.

I entered this field wounded, as many therapists do, because I wanted to help others. However, I was badly in need of the help I was trained to offer. The children on the psychiatric floor where I was employed as a primary therapist, awakened me to the impact early traumas had on my life, and later, an understanding of why I entered the field of psychotherapy. How the lives of patients could and would trigger my deep pain was not taught well enough in graduate school, although their pathology was. I owe a debt of gratitude to these young people for daring me to realize that I, too, am a human being and must never elevate my ego, while doing this human work, because I am (was) a 'therapist.' 

My mother died suddenly from a brain aneurysm when I was thirteen. No tear trickled down my face for 12 years. Unbeknownst to me, my family and high school teachers, I masked an undiagnosed serious depression and harbored the irrational guilt that somehow I had a hand in my mother's death. Here's why:

Six months before her death, I received messages about her death through dreams, premonitions, and experiences, and I told no one. After her death occurred, I literally shut down due to the shock and intense guilt, and desperately smiled my way through those early years.

Not realizing the power my beliefs had on the subconscious mind or understanding my gift of high intuition, my deep mind buried this experience. The subconscious shielded me from emotions and beliefs I was terrified to confront, but it was not without consequence to my health and well-being. In my later 20's, I collapsed in exhaustion.

To manage my life struggles, various traumas, and health challenges, I blindly sought out major lifestyle changes, including holistic medicine, mentorship, homeopathy, energy psychology healing and organic foods, rather than traditional approaches which had failed to produce the change I desired. This was my foray into natural health for which I am an outspoken advocate today.

Along with these early trials and tribulations, I also experienced interactions with several individuals, who were unintentional mentors who further inspired me in life. Combining these methodologies with a series of coincidental, but metamorphic events resulted in revolutionary healings for me along with significant personal and professional maturation. 

As a happy, well-adjusted, married woman of two young adult children, a successful business owner, I can attest that tenacity, commitment to well-being, and the investment in oneself, guided me to embrace life’s challenges. I literally had to learn how to live within all of life. I champion life struggles in the lives of my clients. Any life event can, and must be, integrated as a part of your life. You can heal anything.

As a facilitator of life changes, I have the utmost regard for your challenge because I realize that I am an evolving human being who, like you, can heal life wounds. This is why I believe I can help you initiate a renaissance in your life. Your commitment to healing can transform your life.

I look forward to assisting you.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CHt

Sanna's Four Guiding Principles

Sanna’s Four Guiding Principles 

1.  I believe that within you is strength greater than any life challenge. Any personal problem or life event can be integrated in a way that allows you to live your life as is and how you want to create it from this time forward. As you heal and put in motion my recommendations  "livable transformation occurrs." I facilitate this process.

2.  I trust that your investment is high because you are searching for services. You must believe “Yes, I am ready and want change now.” Investing in yourself and gathering the support you need is critical to your success. I would be honored to be a member of your team.

3. I am responsible to you, not for you. I facilitate the change you want. Following the recommendations I put forth, as we work together, is your responsibility. If you do nothing, naturally some change may occur, yet, it could be temporary. My guarantee is my commitment to you and your process. Your commitment and investment is your responsibility. This work creates changes that are unexpected or organic; you must direct some of the change with deliberate action. 

4. I acknowledge your problem with high regard and respect. I offer no judgment or criticism for the problem you have or what you have done. Our work together is confidential and private. Any testimonials offered are anonymous, unless you sign a release otherwise., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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